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Welcome to Dream 100®, where we transform visions into strategic partnerships for business excellence and growth. Your partner in success!

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Mission and Vision

Your Trusted Partner In Securing Dream Connections

Learn about Dream 100®, the visionary lead management solution pioneered by Michael Tasner. With Dream 100®, a strategic approach to lead management, we are helping many businesses secure high-value prospects with our innovation and expertise.

Our Mission

Building a thriving business ecosystem by linking businesses with their dream leads for mutual growth and a prosperous future.

Our Goal for the Future

Setting the standard in bridging businesses with their dream B2B clients through a patented, targeted approach.

Learn More About Dream 100® Core Values

Building Your Success On A Foundation Of Values

Learn more about Dream 100®, a revolutionary program introduced by Michael Tasner dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial success on these strong pillars:


Constantly evolving, we embrace new ideas and approaches to ensure our potential clients stay ahead of the curve.


Striving for perfection, we provide outstanding services and results, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

What is Dream 100®?

Decoding Dream 100® For Strategic Industry Connections!

What is Dream 100®? It’s a trio of key services designed to boost businesses’ professional influence. Tailored for networking success, it places you at the forefront of your niche. 

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The Dream 100® App

Connect with industry leaders and secure Dream 100® leads using our app that profiles key social and business platforms based on your niche.

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Done-for-You Program

Implementing Dream 100® strategies on your behalf. We work within your targeted niche to broaden and strengthen your corporate network.

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Training and Books

Master Dream 100® techniques with our comprehensive training sessions and insightful publications, adaptable to any niche you operate in.

Meet The Expert Behind the Scenes

Introducing The Mastermind Powering Your Dream 100® Experience

D100 CEO

Michael Tasner


Do You Have Any Questions in Mind?

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By using the Dream 100® addon, you gain streamlined access to ideal prospects and insights, facilitating easier engagement with decision-makers for strategic growth.

The Dream 100® extension offers quick access to networking resources and personalized strategy recommendations, making building connections more efficient.

The Dream 100® addon adds advanced search, analytics, and communication tools to your digital platforms, enhancing your ability to connect with industry leaders.

With the Dream 100® add-on, you get direct access to tools for organizing connections, streamlining communications, and gaining insights. All of this makes networking quite a simple process.