The Backstory…

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Chet Holmes

The original “inventor” of the Dream 100® Strategy.

✔ Doubled the sales volume of all nine divisions Charlie Munger put under his purview

✔ Clients included 60 of the fortune 500 and countless small businesses world-wide

✔ Endorsed by Brian Tracy, Warren Buffett, Loral Langemeier, & Many More


Thank you, Chet. May your gentle soul rest in peace.


Dana Derricks

Taking Chet’s concepts to an entirely new level, Dana is the leading authority on and has created nearly all of the guidelines, tools, and resources to successfully implementing the Dream 100®.

Author, Dream 100® Book
Author, Dream 100® Book: Reloaded!
Creator, Dream 100® Podcast
Founder, Dream 100® Challenge
Founder, Dream 100® Launch Program
Founder & Host, Dream100®Con
Founder, Dream 100® Software

 Dana encourages all businesses to implement the #1 strategy for growth so you can experience this, first-hand.

Russell Brunson

Russell has credited the Dream 100® as the foundation to his Inc. 5000 Award-winning company Clickfunnels’ extreme success. Clickfunnels has raced from zero to more than $100mm in annual sales in under 4 years.

Steve Larsen

In just 3 years, Steve has gone from sleeping in the hall of events, to hosting his own that have done more than $1mm in sales in a single day thanks to his impressive understanding and implementation of the Dream 100®.

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